Monday, April 20, 2009

Final Blog

Hello Followers, again sorry for the tardiness of this blog...busy week.  But to answer the topic of if technology helped us, the answer is 100% yes.  Our main means of communication was through e-mail.  With out e-mail we would have been in a complete loss of staying on track.  This cut our meet times drastically, being able to attach our files, to then compile them into one final proposal.  Also the internet helped us look up valuable information, and contact information neccesary for our cost analysis.  Our project was based around facebook, and a fruit sale; without technology our main means of adverstising our fruit sale would be shot.  Technology is a great thing if used correctly, and really helps people colaberate in a quick and convenient style.

Peace to All

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ethical Memo

After seeing the memo that was presented to us in class it shows the importance of keeping your ethical standards when writing. Though, the example in class was a complete extreme of how people lose sight of their ethics when writing, it is still an all to common occurrence. Not only is it important to have ethics in your writing, you must keep your ethics in every day life. The work place can become very cut throat which makes people lose sight of such ethics, but you must keep them in sight to be able to achieve your goals.
Peace to all.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hi all,  Sorry about the tardiness of my post...long weekend. 
I once had a job as a cart boy at a golf course.  If there was any miscommunication at that job then it could affect everyone's scheduling.  there were  numerious times when my fellow employees, and my self would send a group out  at the wrong time.  This then overflowed the golf course, doing nothing but making all the  stuck up members mad.  That is never a good thing to witness in its self.  Anyways, that is the only example I can think of where miscommunication directly affected me.  Have a good day.  Peace to all

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Online Portfolio

I had a great time with all the presentations, and really enjoyed the ones this past week. My favorite for this week was the past top 5 tropical vacations. It was a good break for us especially after it the snow on Monday. It was altogether a great presentation with a fun topic for us all to dream about spring break.
I have never done online portfolios so have no idea what to expect. I think that it's going to be a challenging assignment, and will see how it plays out. I also think that it will be nice to have my work and information on the internet so that future employers can reach it. We will see how it works out.

Peace to all

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top 3 Presentations

Sorry to all my avid blog followers about the tardiness of this post.  Of the past presentations that we have seen there were definitly three that stood out in my mind.  The first is Austin's about the sailing club.  I am actually a fellow marinor, and really enjoyed listening to him speak about the sailing club.  I though he was very effective with the great pictures and making sailing sound interesting, when most people would just write it off as a boring sport.  The second was Ally's about drinking coffee.  The main thing that made me really enjoy this was the hand out that she had.  I thought it was a very creative hand out and brought the presetation together as a whole.  The third was Lauren's five worst pick up lines.  That was a very funny topic to start with, and she had great humor throughout the entire show.  I now know what all my pick up lines never work, and will never try them again.  Thanks.

Peace to all

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week Feb 15th 'Cover Letters'

After reading the website about appropriate cover letters, I have come to some conclusions on the best way to go about them.  Though the website isn't perfectly spot-on with their advice, they do have some really great points.  The first point is to not send your cover letter to fifty different companies.  They should be personalized (the website said to a spefic person in the company, which isn't always the case) for the company specifically suited.  I also liked their two important points, "two important points: (1) what your product can do for your customer (the company), and (2) what your customer will need to do to buy your product."  These are very good for a marketer to know, but seem to be all to easy to forget.  Thanks,

Peace to all

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blog 4: Free Blog

My roomate and I purchased a fish tank for $40 from Craig's List. It is a very relaxing and therapeudic to have a fish tank in your living room. I have 5 fish in my fish tank, they all have names including, Boyaah, Japetto, Big Green, Fried and Grilled. The only bad thing is Boyaah is always trying to eat Japetto. My fish tank interests me to the max. Peace to all.